Making an application live majorly depends on the type of hosting you are having along with the method to access you are provided for that hosting.

I am assuming that you have shared hosting with Cpanel.

Please go through the below steps to make your PHP application live.


  • Make a .zip file of your application
  • Login into your server (live server with the credentials you are provided by the hosting vendor)
  • Once you got into the panel, find file manager.
  • Inside file manager search for public_html (this is the base directory, like htdocs in XAMPP)
  • Upload your .zip file in public_html
  • Extract it in here.

Your code files are live now.

Creating a Database

If your application is static then the above steps should be enough for making it live but if you have a database in action then you also have to create and connect a database too, to the application.

Below are the steps to create a DB in cPanel

  • Search for MySQL database wizard
  • Name your database
  • Create a user, password, and privileges

Connect your Database to your application through config or how so ever you have designed to it.

For any concerns and doubts feel free to ask in comment section.