With the release of Laravel 11.14.0, We have an update in the server logging.

Initially, if the request time was less than 1 second, it showed 0s, which is inaccurate. Thanks to Seth Phat, we get accurate time in ms if the request takes less than a second.


Before the udpate



Here is the link to PR

Support for Markdown extensions to the Stringable class

In the Laravel v11.13.0 Release, Tony Lea made an update in Str::markdown method. This Update is on the top of that update. Contributed by Luke Downing now extensions can also be used in str method.

$html = str('# My Heading')->markdown(extensions: [new HeadingPermalinksExtension()]);

Here is the link to PR

Get more hidden gems of laravel 11


  • Adding Pest stubs to publish command by @bartdenhoed in #51933
  • [11.x] Added attempts() method to FakeJob by @JamesFreeman in #51951
  • [11.x] Run all Workflows on Ubuntu 24.04 by @Jubeki in #51946
  • [11.x] Improve PHPDoc for mapSpread Method in Arr Class & Remove Warning from IDE by @lmottasin in #51952
  • Bump braces from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 in /src/Illuminate/Foundation/resources/exceptions/renderer by @dependabot in #51955
  • [11.x] Remove unreachable code in AssertableJsonString by @seriquynh in #51943
  • [11.x] Fix TestResponseAssert docblock by @seriquynh in #51942
  • [11.x] feat: add more specific types and tests for helpers by @calebdw in #51938
  • [11.x] Mark sensitive params with SensitiveParameter attribute by @onlime in #51940
  • [11.x] Adds support for Markdown extensions to the Stringable class. by @lukeraymonddowning in #51932
  • [11.x] Add secret method declaration to Components\Factory class by @seriquynh in #51949
  • [11.x] Run Workflows on Windows 2022 and with bash instead of powershell by @Jubeki in #51958
  • [11.x] Fix duplicated return type PHPDoc by @chu121su12 in #51965
  • [11.x] Fix test failure message by @nshiro in #51974
  • [11.x] Update tests to ensure mail Message implements the fluent interface pattern by @seriquynh in #51969
  • [11.x] Set previous exception on HttpResponseException by @hafezdivandari in #51968
  • [11.x] Fix typo in SupportCollectionTest by @zbundy in #51966
  • [11.x] Improvements for the ServeCommand (add more loves & elevate DX) by @sethsandaru in #51957
  • [11.x] Adds support for using castAsJson with a MariaDb connection by @haniha in #51963
  • [11.x] Add support for acting on attributes through container by @innocenzi in #51934
  • [11.x] Fix Component::resolveComponentsUsing test by @seriquynh in #51988
  • [11.x] Update composer.json files to provide PSR implementations by @seriquynh in #51983
  • [11.x] add queued closure type for soft delete events by @hpiaia in #51982
  • [11.x] Fix using container nesting to make the same 'abstract' in different context by @guiqibusixin in #51989
  • [11.x] Fix sync is running touch query twice by @Tofandel in #51984