Laravel v11.15.0 Released is released today with a great number of minor updates. But the crown jewel is the "Enhance database migrations" PR created by Hafez Divandari. After a long discussion, they decided to add this update to the framework.

In his own words.

Summarized List of changes

  • All the changes are about modifying tables and nothing has changed when creating tables.
  • When adding or modifying columns, we were compiling all the changed columns at once, then compiling all the added columns and then compiling other commands. But we are now compiling each command one by one and in order.
  • Some commands were not supported by SQLite, and we need to recreate the table in order to apply these commands. The "alter commands" will be added to list of Blueprint commands whenever needed. The new BlueprintState class helps us keep the current state of the table to be able to recreate it.

Here is the link to PR

Ask About View Next To Name For Create Mail Command

This update will let you create a mail without arguments like php artisan make:mail by asking about views as well.

ask view in create mail command

Here is the link to PR

Improvements server log (v11.14.0)

Initially, if the request time was less than 1 second, it showed 0s, which is inaccurate. Thanks to Seth Phat, we get accurate time in ms if the request takes less than a second.

updated server log

Support for Markdown extensions to the Stringable class (v11.14.0)

In the Laravel v11.13.0 Release, Tony Lea made an update in Str::markdown method. This Update is on the top of that update. Contributed by Luke Downing now extensions can also be used in str method.

$html = str('# My Heading')->markdown(extensions: [new HeadingPermalinksExtension()]);

More about laravel 11.14.0 release

Number::pairs (v11.13.0)

This function was contributed by hotmeteor

$output = Number::pairs(25, 10);
// the first parameter is maximum and second parameter is window.
// [[1, 10], [11, 20], [21, 25]]
// the default offset is 1 but can be changed to 0

$output = Number::pairs(25, 10, 0);
// [[0, 10], [10, 20], [20, 25]]

$output = Number::pairs(10, 2.5, 0)
// [[0, 2.5], [2.5, 5.0], [5.0, 7.5], [7.5, 10.0]]

Str::chopStart and Str::chopEnd (v11.13.0)

These functions were contributed by timacdonald

Str::chopEnd('path/to/file.php', '.php');
// "path/to/file"

Str::chopStart('', ['https://', 'http://']);

Add Support for Extensions in Str::markdown (v11.13.0)

The support for commonmark extensions has been added to Str:markdown method by tnylea

public function parseMarkdownFromFile($file_location){

    $markdown_contents = File::get($file_location);
    $html = Str::markdown($markdown_contents, [], [
        new AttributesExtension(),
        new TaskListExtension(),

    return $html;


More about laravel 11.13.0 release