What is Laravel Pint

as in the definition by the official repository,

Laravel Pint is an opinionated PHP code-style fixer for minimalists. Pint is built on top of PHP-CS-Fixer and makes it simple to ensure that your code style stays clean and consistent.
-- laravel/pint

and in me, Pint is the most sophisticated code formatter I have ever used in the reference of PHP. You can find more details about laravel/pint here.


composer require laravel/pint --dev

General Usage

To use the pint binary all you have to do is run the following command in the root of your laravel project.



The default setup of laravel pint does not require any configuration and as per the official docs, it for PSR-12 Style Guide. Still, if you are unhappy with some default rules you can change them by creating a pint.json in the root of your project and adding the preset to it.

Currently the following presets are supported

  1. psr12
  2. laravel
  3. Symfony

Since Pint is based on PHP-CS-Fixer the configuration rules can be found here.

Sample pint.json

    "preset": "symfony",
    "rules": {
        "concat_space": {
            "spacing": "one"


For using pint in vscode, I have the following two approaches.

  1. Using the Extension (you can find the extension here Vscode Laravel Pint Extension)
  2. Creating a vscode task for the laravel pint. The second approach is explained below in detail.

So far we are good to use laravel/Pint, but opening the terminal and running a binary every time you need to format id one hell of a job. To reduce that effort we will bind laravel/pint with our VS Code with the help of VS Code Task

Creating VS Code task for Laravel Pint

  1. To create a task create a .vscode directory in the root of your project, if you don't have one.
  2. Add a new file named tasks.json to the .vscode directory
  3. Add the following content to the newly created file
    "version": "2.0.0",
    "tasks": [
            "label": "Pint Formatter",
            "type": "shell",
            "command": "./vendor/bin/pint",
            "problemMatcher": [],
            "presentation": {
                "reveal": "silent"
            "group": {
                "kind": "build",
                "isDefault": true


As commented by Gsinti, you can modify the command to work with your current file. Update your command as follows.

  "command": "./vendor/bin/pint ${file}",

You can run this task directly from the Tremial -> Run Tasks from the navigation but will do it a bit simpler.

Adding KeyBinding (Keyboard Shortcut) to run Laravel pint

  1. Open the Keyboard shortcut panel, either from file -> preferences -> keyboard Shortcuts or Ctrl+k Ctrl+s
  2. Ones open click on the file icon on the top to open the JSON file of the keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Once open add the following lines to the file.
    "key": "ctrl+shift+l",
    "command": "workbench.action.tasks.runTask",
    "args": "Pint Formatter"

Now all you have to do is hit Ctrl + Shift + l and your laravel project will formatted with laravel pint.


I have been using the unsatisfactory formatters for a long time. All of them have one thing but lack another. Laravel Pint is one who has it all, combining it with vscode is like proving your laravel project a superpower.

Feel free to pick your brain in the comments.